From our General Manager

HTS Teknik

From our General Manager

We actually all know as consumers how to create a difference in after-sales services and to achieve customer loyalty,  but I would like to touch on these:

1- Meet the customer expectations and feel concerned about her/his problem

2- To make an appointment as soon as possible and to comply with the appointment time

3- To pay attention to the service technician's clothing and speech

4- Acting well to the customer and working regularly

5- Solve the problem effectively

Of course, companies operating in the field of durable goods are aware of the above five criteria, but it is not really easy to achieve them. To provide the above 5 items:

1- It is necessary to satisfy competent service agents and keep their motivation at a high level.

2- To check the service provided and to take necessary measures in case of defect

3- To organize behavior training for authorized services and to create a behavior standard

4- Organizing technical trainings and preparing technical bulletins and documents

5- To measure customer satisfaction

Performing all these activities by household appliances companies requires both high costs and a know-how, and for this, not all companies can perform these activities.

HTS appeared to fill this gap .....

Chiheb Ismail
General manager